Custom Course Development

The Online Training Course Development Advantage

In addition to our own course development expertise, Online Training Advantage partners with a number of carefully selected professional course developers, enabling us to offer the best, most complete and cost effective course development services. Regardless of how small or large the project, simple or sophisticated the course design, we've got you covered. Contact Us For Course Development and we'd look forward discussing your training program and how we can help, including:

  • Any or all of the ADDIE instructional design model phases including Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation.
  • Creating your own in-house training (or we can do it for you) using built-in LMS course authoring tools
  • Professional course development including simple video courses, screen casts, sophisticated layouts, custom graphics, animations, software simulations, gamification, quizzes, assessments and more
  • Access to professional actors and voice artists for higher-end productions
  • Use any of your existing training resources, PowerPoint presentations, documents, PDFs, videos, audio, other media

Advantages Of Custom Course Development

  • Create your own custom training content not available from generic off-the-shelf courses
  • Provide training and assessments on skills, policies, procedures, software, products, resources and information unique to your business
  • Easily track, monitor and report on training activity and results and measure ROI
  • Avoid expensive travel, hiring instructors and work disruption from typical classroom training
  • Save significant time, money, improve effectiveness and employee productivity

Should you hire a professional course developer, create courses yourself in-house, or both?

This is an important decision that depends on many factors.  We have the expertise, experience and tools to help you make informed choices that best fit your needs and budget, so please Contact Us For Course Development.

In-House vs. Professional Development

When To Consider In-House Course Development

  • You have on staff (or can afford) your own professional course developer
  • You have (or can afford) professional course authoring software like Articulate Storyline or Captivate
  • You are only creating simple course layouts and have other staff available to do it
  • You have (or will get) an LMS with easy-to-use course authoring built-in
  • You will not need courses exported to SCORM and used in any other LMS

When to Consider Professional Course Development

    • You don't have or can't afford to hire your own professional course developer
    • You need help planning and implementing some or all phases of your training project(s)
    • You don't have professional course authoring software like Articulate Storyline or Captivate
    • You need more dynamic, sophisticated course layouts and have no staff with that expertise
    • You need to develop courses that can be exported to SCORM and used in any LMS
    • Can't afford to assign course authoring to staff with other important duties

The best solution is a combination of both.
We can help you get your project off and running, then help train you to make revisions and use the course layouts that were developed to create and update your courses. We look forward to hearing from you!